A pair of Havaianas is the perfect way to transform Blighty into Brazil!

Flip-flops are just flip-flops, right? After all, they’re so simple-looking – so it surely can’t be very difficult to design and produce some good-quality ones.

Well, you might have thought that, but if there’s one brand that has continued to stand head and shoulders above the rest in the style, practicality and durability stakes when it comes to sandals, that brand is surely Havaianas.

Havaianas is now an iconic brand in its own right, as synonymous with fun-loving Brazil as the samba and legendary five-time World Cup-winning football team. However, it is these flip-flops’ deceptively straightforward design formula that has at least as much to do with their success from the ‘60s right through to the present day.

So, why will only genuine Havaianas suffice for your summer exploits?

While, here in the UK, we’ll always unfortunately be associated with greyness and drizzle, you’ll have probably noticed the gradually brightening skies and climbing temperatures lately, as we edge ever-closer to the spring.

Indeed, there’s a good chance that you’ll have also responded to this by accelerating your preparations for your summer holidays, whether you’ll be heading overseas or simply enjoying a ‘stay-cation’. But that doesn’t mean you should just grab any old sandals that might seem to be attractively priced.

That’s because not all flip-flops sport the magic Havaianas formula of flexibility, lightness and toughness. When you buy Havaianas in the UK from a store like IC Clothing, you can look forward to the same qualities in your sandals that the Brazilians have enjoyed for generations, including water resistance, heat resistance and durability from a 100% natural rubber sole.

These are characteristics that you definitely can’t expect to enjoy in those generic budget sandals you might have been eyeing up instead, even if they make a passable attempt at imitating the unmistakable Havaianas aesthetic.

And while we’re on the subject of aesthetic, we have quite the range of both men’s and women’s Havaianas in stock right now at IC Clothing from the Summer 2019 range. It means you’ll be able to find Havaianas that don’t merely coordinate well with the rest of your seasonal get-up, but also enable you to bring a splash of Brazilian spirit to wherever you may be in the world this year.

Oh, and there’s one more reason to shop from us…

…and you may have noticed it if you’ve already been perusing our online range with a wish to buy Havaianas in the UK. That reason is the exceptional value of these flip-flops, as assured by heavy sale discounts on the usual Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs).

So, even the apparent cost justification for purchasing an alternative brand over the real deal – Havaianas – turns out to be no excuse! Don’t waver for too long, though, as these great deals won’t be around forever.

Act now to grab our remaining stock of unashamedly contemporary, stylish and fun Summer 2019 Havaianas, and you can be sure of giving your summer 2020 vacation no shortage of Brazilian sensibility – while also simply having sandals you can depend on, come rain or shine!