Big news – women’s Havaianas for summer 2020 are now in stock!

Whether you’ve been wearing Havaianas for decades – and these inimitable Brazilian flip-flops have been around, after all, since 1962 – or you are only just discovering their charms, there are two central reasons for their universal and enduring appeal.

One of those reasons is the proven formula that has helped to make Havaianas such a go-to type of sandal for generations. The other, meanwhile, is the brand’s commitment today to continually evolving in line with the sensibilities and needs of contemporary buyers.

And if there’s one recent range of Havaianas flip-flops that amply demonstrates both of those reasons, it’s definitely the new selection of sandals the brand has on offer for women for summer 2020!

What makes these latest additions to our range so special?

In many ways, the great things about women’s Havaianas in the year 2020 are much the same as they’ve always been. Whether you opt for a pair of men’s, women’s or kids’ Havaianas, you’ll get the benefit of the same secret rubber formula that people from around the globe, and from all social classes, have grown to love and depend on.

That means, when you buy Havaianas online from IC Clothing this year, you’ll continue to get stylish-looking rubber flip-flops that are as flexible and bouncy as they are light and tough.

Havaianas are proudly made from 100% natural rubber, and are renowned for their water resistance, heat resistance and durability – in other words, all of the characteristics that flip-flops for daily wear should have!

A brand that never rests on its laurels

As we touched on above, though, Havaianas haven’t simply remained the same since they first began to be sold in the early 1960s.

That’s because they’ve undergone various evolutions to keep them relevant and appealing to modern purchasers. One such key change was the 1990s introduction of the ‘Top’ style, inspired by the practice of Havaianas users inverting the soles of their flip-flops to give the impression of a monochrome sandal.

About a decade later, came the ‘Slim’ style, which brought a slightly more feminine aesthetic to the time-honoured Havaianas design, including a thinner and more delicate strap.

These developments continue to be incorporated into Havaianas’ women’s sandals for 2020, which you can browse online here at IC Clothing right now. In short, there’s a Summer 2020 Havaianas flip-flop for everyone, with our prices being pleasingly competitive, too.

Don’t consider any other online outlet

Why wait any longer to start discovering your latest Havaianas favourites? It couldn’t be simpler to buy Havaianas online from the Summer 2020 range, via the IC Clothing ecommerce store.

Order now, and you can be sure of getting the Havaianas that will look most graceful on your feet, while serving all of the practical needs you could possibly have for a summer sandal. In fact, it gets even better than that, as postage to the UK is also completely free!