For truly contemporary fashion sunglasses, look no further than the Ray-Ban Justin

You might have imagined that given how Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses have won generation after generation of admirers since their introduction in the 1950s, there would hardly be much need for the legendary brand to mess with such a winning formula.

But of course, another way of seeing it is that the American-founded Italian brand would have never attained the celebrated status that it has, if it did not have the boldness to see every generation’s aesthetic preferences and needs anew.

It is this sensibility that has very much inspired the Ray-Ban Justin, which embodies more than a mere reworking of the classic Wayfarer silhouette.

A new and triumphant chapter in Ray-Ban style

So ubiquitous has the original Wayfarer become in our culture down the decades – beloved of celebrities ranging from Debbie Harry and Johnny Marr to Chloe Sevigny and Mary-Kate Olsen – that many of us immediately and instinctively recognise its timeless design.

As such, the Wayfarer continues to win new fans on account of its subtle, yet old-school style. The Justin, however, takes the distinctive Wayfarer aesthetic firmly into the 21st century. It is lighter, boxier and slightly sportier, although its winged temples and classic branding also serve as more than a nod to its incomparable inspiration.

Make Ray-Ban Justin RB4165 your choice of sunglasses this summer, and you will be installing yourself as part of the vanguard of 2020s style-setters. But more than that, with their black frames, polarised grey gradient lenses and rectangular shape, these are fine-quality shades in their own right, that you will be able to depend on to keep you looking – and feeling – cool.

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