Men! Make your next training tank top a boxing-inspired one

Sure, not being able to watch much action in the ring right now may be a long way down the list of the most terrible things about the COVID-19 pandemic. However, that doesn’t make the longing for a return to normality any less real for legions of boxing enthusiasts.

Finding the right tank top can be hard, even in good times

‘Normality’, of course, might be a very different thing to what we’ve previously been accustomed to, once the worst of this pandemic is over. But looking on the brighter side, being forced to spend more time indoors might have at least enabled you to work on your home exercise routine.

This, though, brings us onto one or two other potential problems. Namely, why do so many of us – and when we say ‘us’, for the purposes of this blog post, we do mean men – so frequently end up exercising in terrible tank tops that look cringeworthy and don’t even last for long?

That’s a pain we’ve often felt here at IC Clothing, too. It’s why we’re so pleased to be able to offer an extensive range of genuinely premium-quality men’s training tank tops that feel good, stand up to significant punishment, and just happen to sport all manner of iconic boxing references.

So, what makes our own latest offerings so special?

You only need to browse our current selection of boxing-themed men’s training tank tops to be transported back to some of the most classic moments in the history of this intense and remarkable sport.

Whether you’re most attracted to this sharp number that will bring the memories flooding back of Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield’s encounter in Nevada in November 1996, or perhaps this grey tribute to Arturo Gatti or even this cool black top recalling Sugar Ray Leonard’s ’79 welterweight title success, we really do give you some enticing options.

Of equal importance, however, is the fact that these men’s training tank tops are machine washable, consist of 80% cotton and 20% polyester, and come in chest sizes ranging from Small (36/38) to XX Large (44/46). Oh, and it also doesn’t hurt that they’re currently so affordable – not bad, given the quality these tops represent.

So, there you have it – boxing may not be taking place in the real-life ring right now, but you can bring back memories of the sport’s most defining moments into your living room as you optimise your pandemic fitness. And of course, these tops will be just as great for wearing in your local boxing club or gym when it does finally reopen!