It’s the perfect time of year to don those summer shorts

The Bellfield clothing brand is known for many things, from the effortless style of its creations and the quality of the materials used to an endless succession of intriguing colours and prints. Above all else, people like me and you know Bellfield as a highly reputable design organisation, not least given that it has been […]

Take a Closet dress out as the weather starts to warm up

Summer is coming, which means a confident woman can finally break out the dresses and bare her legs. Closet dresses are certainly well worth investigating this season. This brand keeps it classy with timeless numbers, and a few styling tricks that flatter your figure. Consider, for example, the Closet Short Sleeved Flared Dress. The thin […]

Freshen up your wardrobe with Cuckoo’s Nest clothing

Cuckoo’s Nest clothing uses crisp photographic pictures, bold patterning and strong typography to create a fresh look. Just consider the Contact T-Shirt Rainbow. Using clear cut printing, several artistic photos contrast with the word ‘Cuckoo’, which is designed in a retro font. The colour block that the text sits in is misaligned with the photography, […]

Why Voi clothing really is all about ‘you’

Hailing from Preston, Lancashire, having been founded by three brothers from the town in 1988, Voi Jeans offers so much more than jeans, with the complete range at I-Candy encompassing men’s boxers, belts, bags, polos and T-shirts, to cite just a few in-demand items. But if there’s just one thing that you need to know […]

Madam Rage clothing… unique lines making a woman feel truly beautiful

True, a woman can only take responsibility for her own self-confidence, rather than expecting it to be given to her… but the right choice of garments certainly doesn’t hurt that effort. For such women, the Madam Rage clothing range at I-Candy is a must-visit. With everything from Butterfly Shorts and Tropical Shirt Dresses to Stripes […]

Who let the dogs out? Original Geek Tshirts bring spring to life

Original Geek Tshirts from I-Candy give a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘suited and booted’. All Tshirts are made from 100% pure cotton and are designed with the man who likes to look fly in mind. The Original Geek eponymously named ‘Suited and Booted’ Tshirt in Scottish blue with crew neck, raw edge roll […]

Why we’re bezzy mates with Bessie, the heavenly handbag

OMG – we are all about Bessie handbags. We’ve got the full range in stock now, and we’ve been picking them up, slinging them on our arms, and generally matching them with heels all week. For one thing, they’re never dowdy. One of our favourites is the Bessie Handbag BW1499 Beige, which comes with a […]

Native Youth clothing is the ultimate in no-nonsense British fashion

What’s the clothing brand that’s really in touch with the youth of today? Well, that would be Native Youth, of course. The brand describes itself as reflecting “the no-nonsense British way of doing things”, adding that its items are “designed in England to make you feel mint” – and no one in the mood to […]