Ray-Ban’s classic status in the 21st century goes way beyond the Aviator

Mention the very word ‘Ray-Ban’ to someone, and there’s a good chance that they will immediately picture the Aviator, the classic eyewear which helped to launch the brand that has come to be known as the Ferrari of sunglasses.

The Aviator shades themselves originated in the mid-1930s. As one might guess from their name, they were specifically conceived as aviation sunglasses that pilots could wear to prevent themselves being distracted by the intense hues of the sky.

Before too long, though, Aviators gained traction among civilians such as movie and music stars, thereby beginning the association of the burgeoning Ray-Ban brand with the world of high fashion.

One thing that many people today may not realise, though, is that Ray-Ban by no means trades solely on the merits of the Aviator’s unmistakable silhouette.

Indeed, in 2020, an extensive range of modern Ray-Ban classics exists – and you could be wearing them this summer, when you shop at IC Clothing.

Sophisticated sensibility for the new decade

As leading Ray-Ban UK stockists here at IC Clothing, we’re delighted to provide today’s eyewear fashionistas with an impressive complement of style-forward options that entirely befit 21st-century aesthetic preferences and practical anti-glare requirements.

Current offerings from the fabled brand include the likes of the Erika RB4171 sunglasses with their oversized Round Sunglasses shape and soft bridge, as well as the hexagonal RB 3548N shades, which sport a hexagonal round metal shape combining thin coined profiles with flat crystal lenses.

Alternatively, if your preferred shades aesthetic would be one that absolutely evokes the ‘60s counter-culture, you can’t hope to better the unashamedly retro round metal RB3447 sunglasses.

Speaking of mid-century style, you only need to look back to the ‘50s – or more specifically, 1957 – in Ray-Ban’s glorious history to see that this was when the brand launched its first Caravan sunglasses. Streamlined and geometric, they are a long-time sister of the Aviator, and scarcely any less deserving of their own legendary status.

It is the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer, however, that remains the most instantly recognisable style of sunglasses of all time. Yes, that’s right – they’re still going strong, and you could add yourself to the formidable roll-call of celebrities, musicians, artists and others of impeccable taste to have donned this timeless eyewear. You simply need to shop for it here at IC Clothing.

Everywhere you look, then, Ray-Ban remains the last word in effortlessly iconic fashion sunglasses. What’s more, when you make IC Clothing your choice of Ray-Ban UK stockists, you will be able to take swift advantage of the best prices for all of these must-have styles.