Relive the drama and heroism of Rocky by donning a themed boxing vest

If you’ll excuse us saying so, here at IC Clothing, we couldn’t fail to notice that with England’s indoor gyms reopening from 25th July, there’s probably a strong likelihood of a lot of you being short of the training vests you’ll need to feel comfortable working out in these new, strange times.

Yes, that’s right – we have a fair few such vests in stock in our online store right now. However, they aren’t merely premium-quality vests that will give you ample freedom of movement and can be depended on to stand up to pretty much any punishment you can think of.

That’s because quite a few of these well-made men’s boxing vests also take their motifs from one of the most legendary media franchises of recent decades: Rocky.

Stylish numbers well worth taking a ‘vested’ interest in

We’re sure that if you’re reading this, you won’t need too much introduction to the Rocky series of boxing drama films that has thrilled audiences well beyond boxing circles since the release of the first movie, Rocky, in 1976.

Since then, characters like Rocky Balboa himself – portrayed like no one else could, by Sylvester Stallone – and Apollo Creed, “Adrian” Pennino and Mickey Goldmill, have installed themselves in cinematic and pop-culture folklore.

And now, you can have the iconic imagery of Rocky on your vest as you push your own physical limits, and for a better price than you might expect. Made from 100% ringspun cotton for a particular quality feel, and incorporating knit trim on the necks and armholes, these men’s boxing vests will help you to both look and feel sharp and ready, whether or not you wear yours in the ring.

Our Rocky vests have wide straps and are machine washable, too. That means they’ll be a cinch to look after and keep clean – which, as we all know, has become even more important amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the continued need for us all to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.

Finally, there’s the imagery itself…

…and, well, we’ll largely leave you to survey its magnificence. Nonetheless, with the available designs ranging from this grey Mick’s Gym vest and this black Balboa Boxing Club one to Clubber Lang Boxing Gym and Cut Me Mick styles, it’s fair to say that whatever your level of Rocky fandom, you’ll probably find just the boxing vest to suit.

And as always here at IC Clothing, any of these men’s boxing vests can be dispatched in your direction on the same working day, absolutely free, when you order by 3pm. So, you won’t even need to wait for long to receive your vest and be ready to hit the gym in fine style.