Snap up original Havaianas at a discount as the summer picks up pace!

Isn’t it great to see the summer as we used to know it, come back with something approaching full force lately? By that, we aren’t just talking about the fabulous sunshine here in the UK, but also the returned prospect of foreign holidays in exotic climes.

But that also raises a new question: have you got everything you need to make the most of this summer, whether or not you intend to board a flight abroad?

The timeless sandals of relevance well beyond Brazil

With their history dating way back to 1962, Havaianas sandals have certainly proved their worth over the years. They’re comfortable, durable, unfussy and stylish – it’s no wonder, then, that they’re beloved of all social classes, not just in their native Brazil, but everywhere.

For many of us, original Havaianas epitomise Brazilian samba style and sensibility; indeed, they can occasionally feel more like summer than summer itself.

It’s also true, though, that the very popularity of Havaianas has led to some very so-so imitations. The truth is that when you’re in the market for flip-flops and want everything in a pair of sandals that makes Havaianas great – including their water resistance, heat resistance, bounciness, lightness and toughness – you need to make sure you buy actual, original Havaianas.

As for how you can do that… well, there isn’t any better way than purchasing from a trusted Havaianas stockist, like IC Clothing. That is especially so when there are such great deals on offer right now for the very latest Havaianas from the Summer 2020 range.

So, what Havaianas might you help yourself to today?

With original Havaianas available in the IC Clothing online store for men, women and kids alike, you could soon have your entire family equipped with sandals that look good while standing up to whatever punishment they’re subjected to this summer.

So, you might be drawn to something like these eye-catching Havaianas Mens Top Logomania Navy Flip Flops, or perhaps these slim-style Womens St Tropez Fita Green Dew Flip Flops, or even a little something from the children’s selection, such as Freedom My Little Pony White Flip Flops or Marvel Black Flip Flops.

All of the above original Havaianas sandals are from the Summer 2020 range, but also sport all of the classic qualities that people have come to know and love from this iconic brand down the decades.

And don’t forget that all postage to UK addresses is completely free – so with those summer holiday dates looming ever-closer, you might as well stock up on quite a few of these legendary flip flops for all of you and your family’s seasonal exploits. Have fun!