5 iconic moments in the history of Havaianas

It seems at times like Havaianas have been around forever – yet, they’ve actually ‘only’ been a fixture of the international, beach-ready footwear scene since the early 1960s. Nonetheless, there can be no doubt about their cultural impact.

Not sure what we mean? Before you shop for Havaianas online with IC Clothing, take a look at just some of the legendary moments down the years that have shaped this truly iconic brand.

1962: the launch

Would you ever have guessed that Havaianas – surely the quintessential Brazilian brand – was actually created by a Scotsman, Robert Fraser? The first Havaianas were inspired by the traditional Japanese Zori sandal – known for its soles made from straw – and to this day, Havaianas’ rubber soles have a texture reminiscent of rice grains.

1969: the ultimate ‘happy accident’

Given the astonishing variety of colours and designs in which Havaianas are available these days, you might never have imagined that the practice of producing these fabled flip-flops in more than one colour began with a mistake. You could once only buy a pair of Havaianas in blue and white, but one day in 1969, a production error led to the creation of green sandals that proved a hit in the marketplace. It didn’t take long for the brand to follow up with brown, yellow and black variants.

1996: the ‘Top’ style arrives

While it’s as easy as you like today to have a monochrome Havaianas sandal, until the ‘90s, the insole would always be white and the straps and outsole would always be coloured. However, when some people began to invert the sole so that the coloured outsole faced upwards, Havaianas took advantage by releasing the ‘Top’ style that emulated this look.

1998: a loss for Brazilian football, but a triumph for Brazilian fashion

Havaianas signalled its support for the Brazilian team at the 1998 World Cup by releasing a style of sandal with a small Brazilian flag on the strap. It was a simple change that captured imaginations around the world, and while Brazil missed out on the cup, Havaianas scored a big win for Brazilian fashion. Variants of this ‘Brasil’ style continue to be produced today, as can be seen with one glance at the Summer 2018 range from which you can buy at IC Clothing.

2018: the latest Summer range launches

Havaianas has cultivated a fashion-forward image in recent years, including by working alongside some of the world’s premier brands and designers. The varied and intriguing flip-flops that make up the Summer 2018 range show that Havaianas continues to be full of ideas for its legendary sandals, and when you want to shop for Havaianas online from the latest seasonal ranges, IC Clothing is the only place you need to look.

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