Chunk graphic tees show continued innovation in pop-culture streetwear

Even if you’re reading this and thinking, “what are Chunk graphic tees?”, there’s a strong chance that you have encountered the offerings of this quintessential Brit-urban label previously – or at least seen someone sporting one of its truly iconic tees.

The Chunk brand, after all, has been around since the 1990s, moving from a fixture of London’s underground scene to the mainstream appeal that it enjoys today. But along the way, the label has also remained steeped in an edgy and tongue-in-cheek sensibility.

Chunk graphic tees can be identified ‘in the wild’ by their clever and frequently amusing designs that draw upon brands and franchises we all know and love. In fact, the label was one of the first to license popular culture brands for use in streetwear apparel.

But Chunk definitely isn’t living in the past…

…well, fair enough, maybe it is, at least in terms of the nostalgic inspirations that it mines across such worlds as Star Wars, Marvel and Disney. All of that aside, though, Chunk graphic tees are bang up to date, continuing to show that all manner of elements of our favourite movies and TV shows can be mashed together without compunction to witty, spectacular and thought-provoking effect.

Just take a look at some of the fine Chunk graphic tees that we have in stock in the IC Clothing online store right now, for instance.

We’ve got such designs as ‘On The Town’, which features a group of stormtroopers evidently feeling a bit worse for wear in London, as well as ‘The Escobars’ and ‘Beer Pong Athletics Championships 1972’. Or, looking again to a Star Wars theme, what about a tee showing the legendary franchise’s ‘Class of ‘77’, or even one that depicts Darth Vader and a stormtrooper enjoying a cheeky selfie in front of the Eiffel Tower?

This is the kind of thing that Chunk’s been doing with more than a dash of flair for many years now – and quite frankly, no urban pop-culture T-shirt label does it better, even in the current climate in which there’s quite a lot of them taking slavish inspiration from Chunk.

Oh, and they’re all available from IC Clothing

It isn’t just the intriguing and immediately recognisable motifs that make Chunk graphic tees what they are, as they’re also brilliantly-made and comfortable T-shirts. They frequently incorporate such touches as hem, over-lock stitching on the neck and flat lock stitching on the sleeves, all of which will leave you in no further doubt that these are the tees to be seen in this summer.

So, why not help yourself to a few of them at a great price, with the added perk of free delivery to any UK address, with a little help from IC Clothing? We’ll make sure that you’re truly turning heads for the right reasons on the British pavements this season.