Could you do with some advice on choosing a Mi-Pac backpack?

Mi-Pac backpacks are an absolute fashion must-have – for many of our customers here at I-Candy, anyway!

For those of you who may not be as backpack-savvy as us, it may seem a bit difficult to figure out which one to purchase – there are dozens to choose from, after all.

It is certainly possible, however, to find an effortlessly stylish backpack that also perfectly caters for your most practical needs. We have therefore compiled some tips on how to choose your brand new Mi-Pac backpack without making a back-breaking effort.

Think about patterns and colours

One of the great things about Mi-Pac is that the brand’s backpacks are available in a wide array of patterns and colours – everything from pink and blue gingham to a classic black and grey option and even an elephant pattern.

It is wise to consider where you are most likely to wear your backpack, as well as what clothes you wear already.

For example, if you tend to wear black or neutral-coloured clothes, you could probably wear pretty much any coloured or patterned backpack without overly offending the fashion police!

If you want to use a backpack for work and you work somewhere with a strict-ish dress code, you may want to opt for a backpack that is plain black or neutral coloured.

Whatever your situation, here at I-Candy, we will stock a Mi-Pac backpack to suit you.

Go on, be materialistic…

It is also important to bring materials into the mix when choosing a backpack.

If you are interested in a low-maintenance option or are purchasing a backpack for a child, opt for PVC as opposed to denim – it’ll wipe clean much, much easier.

Whatever Mi-Pac backpack you choose, it is likely to come with various handy features such as an internal padded lap-top sleeve and/or headphone cord port.

Why buy with I-Candy?

We stock many other leading backpack brands besides Mi-Pac, including Havaianas, AX Paris and Fiorelli, to name a few.

We are firmly on the fashion forefront, which allows us to bring you the biggest brands at the best prices possible.

With same day dispatch available if you order before 3pm on most of our products, what’s not to like about our service here at I-Candy?

For more information about Mi-Pac backpacks or any of the other products that we stock, just take a look at our complete online product range now – and who knows, you may be tempted to place an order!