During an uncertain time for sport, show your support with our men’s boxing tees

As if you’d need to see any more evidence after the turbulent year we’ve all had, we’re sure you’ll agree with our team here at IC Clothing that 2020 has been thoroughly grim for almost all of us.

As well as the strain on hospitals, schools and supply chains, we’ve seen many of our favourite fitness amenities – including gyms, health clubs and boxing clubs – closed or rendered a shadow of their former selves by restrictions designed to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

But if you’re anything like IC Clothing’s staff, you’ll almost certainly also believe strongly in the importance of fitness, sports and competition, and might wish to signal your support for these activities and amenities that play such a fundamental part in our national life.

Well, we can’t think of a more stylish way of doing so than nabbing one or more of your favourite men’s boxing tees from our online store!

What designs can you pick from for your next tee?

While we do stock boxing-themed tank tops and vests here at IC Clothing, with these being a great choice for more significant physical exertion, our men’s boxing tees are versatile enough to make as much sense in the gym or boxing club as they do when worn to the supermarket.

These tees are also genuine premium products, incorporating such important touches as the use of 100% ringspun cotton, pre-shrunk jersey knit, a tapered neck and shoulders, and quarter turning to eliminate the crease.

It is this manufacturing formula that has made our ever-popular Gatti Boxing Club premium men’s boxing print tees in black and grey such hits. But this particular iconic motif, with its effortlessly cool “Jersey City, NJ.” reference, is far from the only one that will catch the eye of many an enthusiast of boxing history.

That’s because you’ll also find fine men’s boxing tees immortalising Muhammad Ali’s bout with Sonny Liston in 1964, Holyfield vs Tyson shirts to put us in mind of the boxing landscape some three decades later, and – of course – Rocky-themed T-shirts like this “Rematch of the Century” design inspired by Rocky II.

And you won’t even need to pay for delivery

At this time when you might be looking at the less-than-positive recent coronavirus headlines and considering how you can effectively distance from others, now is definitely a good moment to shop online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores, if you can possibly manage this.

IC Clothing gives you that option when you’re in the market for eye-catching, well-made and practical men’s boxing tees – and not only that, but we’ll also deliver your item for free via Royal Mail’s 48-hour service. That means your new tee – or several – can end up in your hands so much sooner than you think, without costing you an additional penny.