Find bold Original Geek designs at I-Candy

Original Geek clothing emerged at the beginning of 2012 and changed the UK fashion scene forever. The brand’s designs are strong and daring, pushing the boundaries maintained by other clothing brands by delivering eye-catching prints that go beyond anything people have seen before.

The team at Original Geek doesn’t take its inspiration from another house’s style, which is why each piece it puts out is so unique. Instead, it is motivated by the very people who wear its clothing: people who look good, stand out and effortlessly dominate a party.

Find out just how distinctive this fashion house can be by checking out our great range of Original Geek T-shirts. Each one is instantly recognisable as an Original Geek classic, with bold styling, a nicely tailored fit and premium materials.

All Original Geek products possess a provocative flair, but perhaps none more so than the Satan T-shirt. Styled with a suggestive piece of artwork, the Satan T-shirt isn’t a piece of clothing that anyone can ignore. In fact, you’re more than likely going to see people stopping for another look.

Their first impression will be of the shirt itself, but the second will be of you. The dark material provides a classically cool look for any guy, while the roll back sleeves are perfect to showcase your arms. This is a shirt that has been carefully designed to make you look as good as possible, and it really shows.

You can also choose to show-off your humorous side with the Original Geek Rude Dog T-shirt. The creative Rude Dog design pops out against the timeless white used for the rest of the T-shirt, making it seem to jump out at those passing by. At the same time, the red branding on the back lets everyone know that this is a quality product.

Here at I-Candy, we stock both of these iconic Original Geek T-shirts and many more. We even supply a selection of Original Geek vests, just in case you’re after a more casual look. Each one is 100% cotton and can be in your arms tomorrow if you order before 3pm on a work day. Take a look around our online store to find all of these pieces at the most competitive prices around.