Havaianas – the world’s leading flip-flop brand

If you’re looking to buy men’s Havaianas flip flops, it’s likely that you will know a tiny little bit about the brand already.

However, the legendary shoe brand’s history stretches way, way back to the 1960s.

Havaianas is one of the best-known names in the world of footwear. Despite being a primarily Brazilian brand, Havaianas was created by Scotsman Robert Fraser in 1962, becoming the first brand to mass-produce flip-flops out of rubber.

The shoes are inspired by Japanese zori sandals, while their name is derived from the Portuguese word for “Hawaiians”, which goes some way to indicating their influences’ truly international nature.

Havaianas is now owned by Brazilian manufacturing company Alpargatas, thus returning the brand to its Brazilian roots.

An incredible rise to fame

After a 90s fashion trend emerged that involved inverting the sole of flip flops to create the appearance of a monochrome sandal, Havaianas responded by releasing a line of eight one-colour sandals called Havaianas Top.

This led to the higher classes taking an interest in the brand, helping to boost sales and the prominence of the brand among the higher classes.

Havaianas then produced a line of flip-flops featuring a small Brazilian flag on the strap to show its support of the Brazilian team in the FIFA World Cup.

In the present day, Havaianas remains the most popular flip-flop brand in the world, with 150 million pairs made every year.

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