How to choose your next Fiorelli handbag with I-Candy

Fiorelli handbags are some of the finest items of their type around. The company has been manufacturing handbags for about three decades now, but has always kept to a trend of producing beautiful, yet affordable pieces.

As high quality as the Fiorelli handbags we stock are, we can completely understand if you are struggling to select just one of them.

This is why we have developed a quick little guide to assist you in choosing your possible next wardrobe staple.

What kind of bag?

First of all, you should consider what style of bag you want. Here at I-Candy, for instance, we stock cross-body bags, handbags and purses.

Purses are ideal if you want a bag that you can keep in your hand at all times, making them ideal for nights out or anywhere else you’d be worried about pickpockets. They can also be used for their original purpose – as places to store money before being placed into a larger bag.

The only disadvantage of purses is that they are rather small – so much so there may not be sufficient space to store your phone if yours is one of the more modern, bigger models such as a ‘phablet’!

Meanwhile, cross–body bags are an ideal hands-free option that still offers some of the security of a purse, thanks to the cross-body strap. They still aren’t as big as a regular handbag, but are nonetheless just the right size to store your essentials. These tend to be a popular choice for people who regularly attend gigs or music festivals.

Handbags tend to be much bigger than the former two options and are usually held by two handles, although some do come with a strap. Handbags are a good all-rounder, but they may be too large for some events.

What colour?

Next, perhaps the most difficult part – what colour of bag do you want?

If you want the most from your bag, we suggest picking a fairly neutral-coloured one that’ll match most outfits. Look for colours such as black, white or even tan when purchasing a bag. Most of the Fiorelli handbags that we stock tend to stick to these colours, so you shouldn’t have a problem matching them to your wardrobe.

Take a look at our present selection of Fiorelli handbags today, and we’re sure that it won’t take you long to choose the perfect bag for your own aesthetic tastes and practical requirements!