With the weather hotting up, now’s the time to invest in kids’ Havaianas

As anyone who knows anything about flip flops knows, there’s a huge difference between simply buying a pair of flip flops and investing in some Havaianas. It’s the difference between an item of footwear that’s perfect for the beach, and something that’s all of the above, but also an unashamed design icon.

At first glance, Havaianas may seem like modest items – you could almost describe them as ‘just another’ pair of flip flops – but then you look again, and realise there’s nothing quite like them.

After all, Havaianas are definitely not ‘just another’ pair of flip flops. There’s something effortlessly chic, fun and laid-back about them that seems quintessentially Brazil, the land from which they hail. However, they also have rather more cosmopolitan origins than one may presume – the brand was established in 1962 by Scotsman Robert Fraser, while the enduring design itself is said to owe much to the traditional Japanese Zori straw-bottomed sandal worn by geishas.

When you buy Havaianas, you aren’t just buying flip flops

Down the decades, Havaianas have gone on to develop true iconic status, their simple wishbone between-the-toe design as beloved of Hollywood A-listers and royals as they are go-to workaday staples among the Brazilian poor.

Unsurprisingly, Havaianas have been given various aesthetic revamps down the years. It all started in 1969, when a manufacturing error meant that instead of the blue and white in which the flip flops were traditionally exclusively available, a batch of green Havaianas was produced.

They hit the marketplace and were a hit, to such an extent that Havaianas have been offered in seemingly every colour and design since, including – particularly memorably – in a green design bearing a small Brazilian flag on the strap. This particular “Brasil” model of Havaiana was created to mark the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

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