Yes, Havaianas are definitely for men, too

What do guys look for in beach-ready footwear? One might argue that they don’t ‘look for’ much of anything – that they may simply desire something that fits them well and is comfortable, but which is also reasonably stylish.

Well, if there’s one type of footwear for the seaside that fits this brief, it has to be Havaianas. They’re the original and surely still best rubber-sole flip flop, and here at IC Clothing, we’ve got them in an appealing assortment of styles for your own summer wardrobe.

What’s all the fuss about with Havaianas?

Like the original Mini or the red telephone box, the Havaiana flip flop has the look of an effortless design classic – and like those two, it was also a British invention of sorts. Yes, that’s right – despite the reputation of Havaianas as emblems of Brazilian samba style, they were the invention of a Scotsman, Robert Fraser.

In the years since then, however, men and women around the world – and indeed, Brazil and Britain – have taken Havaianas to their heart. They have been worn by everyone from the rich and famous to the poorest and most downtrodden, and today remain symbols of a certain style that seems to sum-up the sunny and fun-loving nature of Brazilians.

What men’s Havaianas do we have in stock?

While the basic principle of the Havaiana as the chic, yet somehow unpretentious everyday flip flop with the marshmallow-soft rubber sole has never been abandoned, it’s fair to say that the formula has undergone the evolutions necessary to preserve its relevance for the sandal wearers of today.

Havaianas used to only be available in blue and white, for example, but since the day in the late 1960s when a production error resulted in the inadvertent manufacture of a batch of green Havaianas, these legendary flip flops have come to be produced in all manner of colours and designs.

It means that those in the market for men’s Havaianas – whether they are purchasing for everyday use or with a holiday specifically in mind – can opt between such variants as the Brasil Logo Amazonia flip flops with the Brazilian national flag embossed on their strap, and the Top Nautical White Navy flip flops that could be just the thing for cutting a dash on their next ferry trip!

With such other interpretations of men’s Havaianas as the Top Stripes Logo Black Turquoise, the Mens Photoprint Black Blue and the Urban Series Green Olive available here at IC Clothing right now, we frankly don’t see why you should need to shop at any other online store for these incredible flip flops!