Why should you only ever buy original Havaianas slippers?

Sandals have, let’s face it, a reputation as simple holiday essentials. They’re an emblem, in other words, of the kind of unassuming and unpretentious fun we all want to have every summer.

So, you might understandably imagine that when you’re in the market for flip-flops like those produced by such an iconic brand as Havaianas, there’s not much point in being fussy about the brand, or even the quality of the slippers you ultimately purchase.

After all, you might only be using them for one holiday, so the emphasis really just needs to be on them looking good, fitting well and not being too pricey… right?

Havaianas have always stood for more than fashion

The Havaianas sandal, much like the original Mini car and the Coca-Cola Contour Bottle, has gradually transitioned from simple utilitarianism to the status of a modern design classic. It’s precisely because of this, however, that you may too easily overlook the elements that have always helped to make original Havaianas slippers so legendary.

Great design, after all, is as much about all of those little details and ingredients you don’t consciously notice, as the ones that you do.

It’s much the same situation with original Havaianas slippers, which aren’t distinctive merely on account of their wide range of colourful and interchangeable straps and soles, but also because of their often imitated, but never beaten secret rubber formula.

That means, no matter how eye-catching those alternative-brand flip-flops may be in terms of either their design or price, they almost certainly won’t have the magic combination of flexibility, bounciness, lightness and toughness that makes Havaianas… well, Havaianas.

It also helps that we have some great discounts right now

Now, at this point, you might say… sure, those fake or imitation Havaianas alternatives probably aren’t even well-made enough to last beyond one holiday, but so what? Genuine original Havaianas slippers are expensive, anyway…

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