Ray-Ban sunglasses: effortless cool, then and now

When someone says the simple words ‘Ray-Ban’ to you, what immediately comes to your mind? If you’re anything like ourselves here at IC Clothing, the chances are that you think of retro styling, design sophistication and the ultimate in (quite literal) movie-star chic.

Indeed, Ray-Ban is as irrevocably synonymous with the utmost-quality premium eyeglasses and sunglasses, as Ferrari is with supercars and Chanel is with high fashion.

What you might not have realised about Ray-Ban sunglasses, though, is just how attainable they can be – as well as the extent of their real-world relevance to those who wish to go well beyond simply looking good. You’ll discover how this fabled brand ticks both boxes when you buy Ray-Ban sunglasses online, quickly and conveniently at IC Clothing.

A legend is reborn

Whether you have been contemplating the purchase of Ray-Ban sunglasses so that you can emulate the aesthetic of unforgettable cultural icons such as James Dean and Audrey Hepburn, or you are seeking sunglasses that live up to the more practical purpose for which Ray-Bans were first conceived, you won’t be disappointed by what you find in our online store.

The original Ray-Bans were developed in the 1930s, to provide a solution for pilots seeking to avoid their view being disrupted by glare when flying hard and fast. Such circumstances gave rise to the first Aviator sunglasses, but few could have then imagined that the same fundamental design would retain its popularity the best part of a century later.

Sure enough, here at IC Clothing, we are delighted to be able to offer Aviator Classic Gold or Gunmetal sunglasses that combine an iconic frame design with Green Classic G-15 lenses. It is a formula that caters to the most demanding 21st-century needs for optimum visual clarity, 100% ultraviolet protection and – of course – timeless style.

Discover old favourites… and some new ones

However, the inimitable Aviator Classic is far from the only option that awaits discerning customers looking to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses online from IC Clothing. That’s because the acclaimed New Wayfarer can also be purchased in our store, sporting as it does the classic Wayfarer’s unmistakable silhouette, while incorporating tasteful changes such as a smaller frame and slightly softer eye shape.

These highly distinguished and refined sunglasses are further complemented in our range by the unashamedly retro Clubmaster Classic Sunglasses. With their tortoise frames and crystal green lenses, these are sunglasses that seemingly effortlessly blend ‘50s-inspired visuals with the ability to make an utterly relevant statement today.

Whatever the styles that capture your eye – and your heart – when you visit the IC Clothing store, you should be left in no doubt that this is the outlet from which to buy Ray-Ban sunglasses online in readiness for the spring and summer. Indeed, the deal is likely to be clinched by the news that when you place your order with us before 3pm, we will be able to dispatch on the very same working day.