Tips and tricks for caring for your Fiorelli handbag

As you may know, I-Candy is one of the leading online Fiorelli handbag stockists.

Indeed, it’s in part due to the sheer number of Fiorelli handbags that we sell that we think it’s a good idea to share with you some tried and tested tips and tricks that’ll keep your bag looking as good as new for years to come.

Be more mindful of what goes in your bag

It’s obvious advice, we know – but everyone’s had something leak or spill into their bag at some point.

It could be anything from hand lotion to foundation to mascara – either way, such things can leave stains on the lining of your handbag that are difficult to shift.

If you carry makeup or lotion around with you, purchase a separate, smaller makeup bag that can be placed into your handbag. This way, if anything does leak, it’s only the smaller bag that you’ll have to worry about.

Get squeaky clean

Cleaning is key to keeping your bag looking good. It can seem like a hassle, but cleaning your bag correctly could be the difference between having to purchase a new one and not.

Aim to clean the outside of your bag with warm soapy water at least once a week – this’ll remove any minor stains and keep the material looking as good as new.

If your handbag is suede or you have a particularly bad stain to tackle, get the help of a professional – it’ll save you from ruining a perfectly good bag.

Be storage-savvy

Many people choose to hang their handbags in an attempt to save space in their closet or wardrobe.

Doing this can place a lot of strain on the handles or strap due to the weight, causing them to distort, tear or even snap totally.

Avoid this by instead storing your handbags on a shelf or other flat space – just make sure they’re out of the way of any prying family members or pets, and aren’t anywhere that would make them vulnerable to accidental spills.

You should keep these tips in mind irrespective of how much you have invested into your handbag – even if it’s only a small amount, you can ensure that a bag lasts you several years should you care for it well.

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